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Aging with grace and tranquility is possible.

Portable monitoring device for the elderly.
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We present protection technology for the elderly. Our device goes beyond mere functionality with two buttons, one for assistance and another for voice calls. It is a system that proactively detects risk situations, such as extended periods of inactivity, irregularities in heart rate, and falls.


Additionally, the device is connected to an intuitive interface based on mobile and web applications, allowing real-time visualization of the collected data and keeping us informed about the user’s health status. This means closer and more effective care at all times.

SINiconosSINfondo 02 1 It features the following characteristics:

SOS call.

After an accident, you can press and hold for 3 seconds to make an SOS call to the emergency contact.

Control de la frecuencia cardíaca en cualquier momento.

Prevenir enfermedades mediante la monitorización continua de la frecuencia cardíaca.

Wrist thermometer. Determines the health status by measuring body temperature at any.

Fall detection and GPS.

In case of an emergency, your family members will be able to immediately know your location

MarvutCare health

A comprehensive health monitoring platform with real-time data collection and digital visualization.

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