Assistance watch for senior citizens

Today's security for a worry-free tomorrow.


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We introduce the latest evolution in advanced protection technology for the elderly. Our device goes beyond being a simple help button: it detects risk situations such as prolonged inactivity, irregularities in pulse, and falls. It represents a comprehensive solution to provide peace and security to those we deeply care about.


Furthermore, the device is connected to an interface based on a mobile and web application, allowing the visualization of the data collected by the device and keeping us updated on the health status of the person using it.

Asset 4@4x 8 It has the following features:

SOS call.

After an accident, you can press and hold for 3 seconds to make an SOS call to the emergency contact.

Heart rate monitoring at any time.

Prevent diseases through continuous heart rate monitoring.

Wrist thermometer.

Determines the health status by measuring body temperature at any time.


Fall detection and GPS.

In case of an emergency, your relatives will be able to know your location immediately.

MarvutCare health

A comprehensive health monitoring platform with real-time data collection and digital visualization

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