Digital Health Sensors

A digital health sensor is a sensor dedicated to monitoring and sending data directly collected by the device. In Grania, we have several digital health sensors, which allow the Grania team to monitor and analyze the received data to provide the following solutions to our users

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Blood oxygen

Pulse rate


Sleep detection


Artificial Intelligence Solutions:

Below are the artificial intelligence solutions developed by our Grania team to improve the quality of life.

Patient monitoring and fall detection.

Based on continuous monitoring by the device and the number of times the fall alarm is activated, this artificial intelligence solution allows the user and/or family members or caregivers to be alerted in advance if a fall is likely to occur, depending on the degree of similarity in the data being received. This means that, based on the previous conditions, positioning, the state of sensors such as pulse and temperature, among others, it can provide warnings at different times and within different possible ranges of characteristics that may indicate a potential fall. This gives the user caution and helps prevent a possible tragedy.

Patient monitoring and use of the emergency button

Detection of emergencies regarding the use of the emergency button. Each time the emergency button is used, the type of emergency is identified, categorized with the corresponding feedback, and through an artificial intelligence engine, it can predict possible emergency situations occurring at that moment, notifying the user or their family members or caregivers.

Patient monitoring and temperature detection

The constant measurement of body temperature, combined with the other data received by the device, enables a probable assessment of potential infectious diseases. Therefore, an artificial intelligence engine implemented by the Grania team will notify you of the possibility of a cold or COVID, both to the user and their family members and/or caregivers.


Epilepsy is one of the most significant conditions for individuals who require care and are alone in their daily lives. With the intelligence engine of the device, it can detect potential seizure-like episodes and immediately call for assistance for the patient, if necessary.

Arrhythmia detection:

«Based on continuous data reception of heart rate, blood pressure, and oxygen levels, combined with other received data, the artificial intelligence engine developed by the Grania team detects potential episodes of cardiac arrhythmia. It can store and send alerts to its users, family members, and/or caregivers, offering the opportunity to view historically how many times these episodes have occurred during the day, month, or year. This is a crucial source for any medical personnel to evaluate.»

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Coming soon, you will be able to see more Artificial Intelligence solutions.

Raw Data

The GranIA team offers direct, high-quality, high-frequency, and continuous data collection from the digital sensors implemented in the versatile and intelligent platform for raw data access.

Easy direct access to data from the Marvutcare cloud.

Reuse and reprocessing of data as you develop your algorithms.

Access to the measurements taken by the sensors of the devices.