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Portable monitoring device for older adults.

At MarvutCare, we are oriented in the healthcare and technology sector.

To improve the quality of life for older adults, we have created, Asset 1@4x 8 a monitoring device.

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Peace within reach of your hand.

Asset 1@4x 8


By using AI and ML, we are researching the development of portable monitoring technology for the care of older adults and individuals requiring special attention. Through mathematical algorithms and data analytics, we aim to provide healthcare professionals with enhanced decision-making support.


Furthermore, we will also develop a mobile application-based interface that allows visualization of the data collected by the device and keeps us updated on the user’s health status

Asset 2@4x 8  It features the following characteristics:

boton sos

SOS button that you can press when needed to make emergency calls


Medication reminder

resistencia al agua

Alta resistencia al agua y a golpes fuertes 


Fall detection and GPS (Your relatives will quickly know your location in case of any issues)

Grania health

A comprehensive health monitoring platform with real-time data collection and digital visualization.

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We are looking for volunteers!

We need volunteers to use our portable monitoring device to test its features and provide their feedback

Are you over 60 years old?

Do you live alone?

Would you like to participate in a research study?

Complete the information, and we will get in touch with you.