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Caring for those we love is the greatest of honors
Portable monitoring device for the elderly
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Caring for those we love is the greatest of honors
Portable monitoring device for the elderly

From MarvutCare we are oriented in the health and technology sector.

To improve the quality of life of the elders, we have created Asset 1@4x 8, a portable monitoring device.


Peace of mind at your fingertips

Asset 1@4x 8


Through the use of AI and ML we are researching the development of a portable monitoring technology for the care of seniors and people who require special care. Through mathematical algorithms and data analytics we will facilitate decision making for healthcare professionals.


In addition, we will also develop an interface based on a web-based mobile application to visualize the data collected by the device and update the health status of the person who is using it.

Asset 2@4x 8  has the following features:

boton sos

SOS button that you can press when you need it to make emergency calls


Medication reminder

resistencia al agua

High resistance to water and strong shocks


Fall detector and GPS (Your relatives will quickly know where you are if there is a problem)

mockup app device 0222

Grania health

A complete health monitoring platform with real-time data collection and digital visualization.

We are looking for volunteers!

We need volunteers to use our portable monitoring device to test its functionalities and receive your feedback.

Are you over 60 years old?

Do you live alone?

Would you like to collaborate in a research project?

Complete the information and we will contact you

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We work to provide the highest quality and safety in health care, focusing on the needs of our users and their families.


Our vision is to reach all older adults and people who require special care, being references in the quality of care monitoring to guarantee their care.


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